MySpace Conversation Part 2


I'll just continue posting the end of the Convo without loosing any more words about it:

Date: Mar 28, 2006 11:32 PM

ok ok i read you r profile, seems angry

like it or not, we are friends

come on admit it

i like you

im not gay either
nor do i hate gays

is it true that Germans bang animals?


From: BadNewz
Date: Mar 28, 2006 5:37 PM

Why does my profile seem angry? Does it seem angry because I think it's annoying that many bands, musicians in general, try to add me to their friends, even tho I do not know their music nor like their music?
Why are we friends now? Because I talk longer than anyone else to you on the internet?
Oh and the 'is it true that Germans bang animals' is pretty stupid, don't you think? Where was the point of that sentence? Can you tell me? I can't tell, that's why I'm asking.
And now I will just copy and paste something I said in my previous reply:
By the way it could be a much better conversation/discussion/confliction if you actually answered to my replies and questions and not just make up some bullshit.


Date: Mar 28, 2006 11:38 PM

your profile is dark, weird, stuff like that

while we are giving advice

check my personal page

im sure youll hate it


From: BadNewz
Date: Mar 28, 2006 5:45 PM

Yes, my profile is dark. I like dark colours and I like to play around with Adobe Photoshop. But why is my profile weird? I didn't change that much about it, took me only 10 minutes. If I fucked up some html, I would understand that it's 'weird'.
And I actually checked out your profile. Like I said earlier, I'm not into Hip Hop, but why should I hate it? Hatred is overrated, I don't know you so there's no point in hating you/your myspace Page or your music. I dislike the music you are making but that's a point of taste.


Date: Mar 28, 2006 11:56 PM

like it or not oyur my frined


My last reply:

Running out of insults and arguements?
I'm off now anyways.

MySpace Conversation

10 comments - a place for friends
A place for friends - So true. I thought signing up to MySpace could be helpful for me, so I can find Band MySpace's without having to save them as my favorites. That's why I told everyone not to add me or comment on my Page. I don't even like MySpace, I just signed up for the music.
Anyways, today some Hip Hop Combo tried to add me as a friend. I don't know why, do they just run around looking for new members of myspace and then try to add them? Pathetic.

Here's the conversation I had with them/him:

From: BadNewz
Date: Mar 28, 2006 4:05 PM

Read my fucking Profile before trying to add me to your friends, you faggot. I do not (!) like Hip Hop, so stay the fuck away from me, my profile and the fucking 'Add to friends' button. Got it?


Date: Mar 28, 2006 10:11 PM

ok, way to go on being form the sorriest place on earth where horrible things that were cool here 100 years ago are just coming around
like david haslehoff
enjoy being a fucken looser in a worthless country
and also
way to go in those 2 world wars, you fucken loosers

nice to live in a country that takes on the world all the time and goes crying home, like the fags you are
FUCK YOU, and your backwards looser country

realy new idea the skull and cross bones, little late, but hey its germany


From: BadNewz
Date: Mar 28, 2006 4:22 PM

Hey, you actually made me laugh with your reply.

I'm a loser (too bad I actually speak/type your own mouther tongue better than you do.) because I live in Germany? I'm 19 years old, did I start the war? Did I participate in a war? Did Germany start any war during my life? No, they/we didn't. Now ask the same questions about your mother country.

Now since when is David Hasselhoff actually new in Germany? When did his Show run on TV? Like 15 or 20 years ago? I see, you did a great research, buddy.

Oh and White Boys rapping ain't that new either, The Biesty Boys did it ages ago. Now who's more fucked, I because I have Skull and Bones as my Background and my Avatar or you because you waste your life trying to rap?

Alright, now that we sorted that we disputed that, you can shut the fuck up and fuck off.


Date: Mar 28, 2006 10:31 PM

ya know what, I actually enjoyed your letter, to be honest with oyu i hate rap music as well, are band is kind of a joke.

Im actually German myself, and i dont really have anyhting against Germany


i am impressed with your english

i couldnt learn another language if i tried

i bet under different circumstances we would get along real well

im sorry i was rude

just messing around really



From: BadNewz
Date: Mar 28, 2006 4:36 PM

I actually agree with you on 1 part of your reply, your band is a joke, but don't expect me to believe anything else of your bullshit.

Let's just say truce because I can't be assed typing even more. You wasted enough of my time.


Date: Mar 28, 2006 10:48 PM

you fucken idiot
you already wasted a lot of your time
you lost
your over
you get NO PUSSY
go die
and go david hasslehoff


From: BadNewz
Date: Mar 28, 2006 5:07 PM

You know, I'm pretty stubborn, that's why I'm always answering to your replies. It's a bad habbit, I guess. At least you make me laugh.
I'm an idiot, based on what facts? Do you even know me, buddy?
What the hell did I lose?
I get no pussy? And you refer to my replies? I don't understand that. Did you see any of my pictures? How do you want to know if I'm not good looking? You're pathetic, really. And to answer your question: Yes, I do get pussies. I can't complain, thank you very much.
And I don't see a point in dying, maybe a bus will hit me tomorrow, maybe not, we'll see.


Date: Mar 28, 2006 11:12 PM

dude its weird, from your letters its obvious that you are inteligent and probobly a good guy, however, you do seem to have anger issues.
in this time of inter-continental communication its amazing that we can even argue,f orm this far away

dont die

the world needs you

i dont believe you

your not bad news

you just need a hug

do you want a hug?

huh little sad boy

or are you gay and hiding it by telling others they are gay

i bet you hate your parents

dont hate them

its not there fault you have anger


My latest reply:
Maybe I'm having 'anger issues', like you say it, or maybe I'm just having fun arguing about this stuff because I think your replies are funny/stupid/pathetic, or maybe even both. Who knows? I do, do you? I don't think so.

I'm not 'Bad News', neither BadNewz (as my nickname says), it's actually just a Nickname I came up with about 3 years ago.
I need a hug? Why do I need a hug? How do you want to know I didn't get a hug today? Or maybe even more!? Actually I do not want some stranger hug me, I guess that's understandable. And by the way, I'm neither sad nor little.
And I don't remember calling anybody gay. I called you a 'faggot' and I do not think all faggot's are homosexuals, in my opinion faggot's are just not masculine. And no, I'm not gay. We're having this little conversation for quite a time now, so you had enough time to read my profile, where it says that I'm straight.
Oh and no, I don't hate my parents. What makes you think that?

By the way it could be a much better conversation/discussion/confliction if you actually answered to my replies and questions and not just make up some bullshit.


I guess this conversation ain't over yet. I'll keep you updated.

New music and some more


I've just downloaded some new music: Danko Jones. I read about them on the WWE WrestleMania Page and listened to the Sample of the Song "Baby Hates Me", it sounded pretty interesting, pure Rock. I saw some Video of them ages ago on TV but can't remember the Name of it. Anyways, I just downloaded two of their Albums (We sweat Blood & Sleep Is The Enemy) and it sounds pretty good. It sounds a lot like AC/DC in my opinion, just more melodic and of course more modern.
So My CD Tip of the Week is "Danko Jones - Sleep Is The Enemy"

I'm going to take a little break from MSN. I just need it. It's like... everytime I'm on MSN, I get a headache after chatting for a while - I know I'm a wuss. Fuck you, I don't care! So you'll probably see me on MSN next weekend for a while. Probably just Sunday tho.

So what am I going to do this week?
Tomorrow my Dad's coming to my city, so I'll be doing some shit with him. Probably going to see some Movie, don't know what yet tho, is 'V for Vendetta' worth watching it?
On Friday I'll get drunk with some friends. I mean, of course what do you expect? It's fucking friday!
On Saturday I'm going to have some fun with some friends. Probably get drunk again, we'll see.
And on Sunday? WrestleMania, Motherfacko's!

Anyways, thanks for reading. And always remember: Chaz is a shemale, Kim is a nympho, DG is a crackhead, Shaz can't spell for shit, Danny is a arrogant Bitch and I'm god!



Yeah, I've been working on different things lately.
#1 The Compatathon won't start tomorrow cause not enough people signed up yet. I'll advertise it within the next week and then the Compatathon might start after the WrestleMania weekend.
#2 I've mad some new sigs for Kim, Chloe, Crystal and 2 for myself 1, 2
#3 I'm working on a new banner and a new side pic for this blog - Side pic = this and a new banner for my forum. I think I'll finish all of them today.
#4 I've got a myspace but don't add me to your friends, I just registered so I can add all my fav bands as my friends so it's easier for me to go to all those bands myspace's without having to look for all of the URLs.
#5 I've registered on YouTube and uploaded 2 Videos (1, 2) I made of me and my friends. The first one is a compilation of pictures I took with my mobile and the second one is a compilation of drinking pics.

That's about it. Thanks for reading and always remember: Chaz is a shemale!

I knew it!


i can still keep things i want to keep a secret
Like.. that you're a shemale in real life?
yes, but dont tell alice, she wouldn't love me
lmao *tells her*
you fucking germans, why do you have to be so mean, wasnt being mean to the jews not gud enough
We had to be nice for 61 years now, it's payback time! lol

StashUp Tutorials


This is a Picture I made after following Shane's Tutorial on StashUp. I think it's pretty cool. The Picture itself is pretty unimaginative, I know but I was just trying to work with this at all. If you're interested in doing pics like that, check out Shane's Tutorials here.



So the Registration for the Compataton has started 2 days ago. I'm suprised that 4 people already signed up for the Graphicmania, I didn't think that 4 people would sign up in 2 days. Let's hope it stays this way and even more people sign up for it. Yet, noone signed up for the Battle of tha Kingz but we've got 3 users who will take part anyways, me, Danny & Chaz. Maybe I'll have to advertise the Compatathon a bit more to make more people sign up or maybe just more people have to read my blog!

Anyways if you read this, be sure to check out this Place.

South Park BN


This is South Park BN!

Does he look like me? I think so. Black Cap, Six Feet Under T-Shirt, Beard, Gloves and an Axe (ICP Style). In some days, I'll put in a pic of me and the South Park me pic next to it. You can decide on your own if we look alike.

I heard different romours lately. A TNA Official said that TNA hasn't talked to Goldberg yet at all. Goldberg himself said that he talked to TNA. Now I've heard romours that Goldberg's people (I guess his manager) talked to TNA and that he's about to sign a contract with TNA. I even heard romours about his first feud in TNA, which should be a feud with Samoa Joe based on Joe's winning streak in TNA and Goldberg's huge winning streak in WCW, and their trademark saying "Who's next?" (Goldberg) and "Who's left?" (Samoa Joe).

In my opinion this would be a great storyline cause Samoa Joe is a great technical Wrestler and Goldberg is just that damn charismatic. I'm looking forward to that. But to be honest, I would have loved to see Goldberg going for the Gold, the NWA World Heavyweight Championship. We'll see what happens.
Btw who do you think has got the better finisher? Samoa Joe with his Muscle Buster or Goldberg with his Jackhammer?

Blogger Pictures


This is a bad habbit of my blog, it happens so often that I can't add pictures to my blogs cause Blogger is being gay. This never happens to Shaz, I asked her. So Blogger must just simply hate me... Alright, I just wanted to post that. If Blogger decides to let me post pictures, I'll blog a bit more later.

All about yesterday


Yesterday I didn't get to post cause blogger decided to kick me in the face and not let me post. Thank you very much, Blogger. So now I'm posting what I wanted to post yesterday.

It was a pretty weird day. I was in college and I had to do a test cause I missed going to it last week (yeah, I just felt like going home that day) so my teacher was looking for me for 45mins, which was funny, cause I was just downstairs playing Cards with the others the whole time. Well after 45mins I went to class and had to do the test and then the conversation was like this:

Teacher: Do you have a medical certificate for the date you normally had to do the test?
Me: No, I don't.
Teacher: Why not?
Me: I didn't go to a doctor.
Teacher: Well, you never do.
Me: Exactly.
Teacher: So, you can't do the test if you don't have a medical certificate. So, it's an F.
Me: Uhm... Ok, can I go now?
Teacher: No, I wanna see if you can do it thought. (Hands me the test)
Me: Will I get a mark for it?
Teacher: No.
Me: Where's the point of it then?
Teacher: I wanna see how good you are.
Me: Well this is pointless for me, if I don't get a mark for it.
Teacher: Maybe you'll get one thought.

I ended up doing the test cause it's better than arguing non-stop with my teacher and I think I did better than an F at least.

So after college, I went home of course. We (Me, my mother and my grandfather) were working in my room. Fixing shelfs, coat racks and stuff like that. By the way, I do not have a coat rack in my room, it's just specially for my caps. I love my caps. I own about 30 caps, so I gotta put them somewhere.

Later when I was online, I was helping Chloe with her homeworks for German. Of course, this is easy for me since I'm german myself. It took us a while to get it all done but I'm glad I could help her.

So, that's it for now. I might blog a bit more later. Thanks for reading. I'm out, laters.



I guess, probably everyone knows what it's like when you're so tired that your eyes start hurting just because they're open for too long. That's the stage I'm in at the moment. I haven't slept for about 25hours yet, which shouldn't be a big thing but it's becoming a habit, a bad habit.
Lately, it got normal for me that I can't sleep for a whole day. That happens at least once a week. My immune system isn't the best anyways and this is just giving it more trouble.
When I go to school after a night without sleep, everyone thinks I smoke a joint cause of my small and red eyes. Lovely, isn't it?! But who could blame them if I look like this (Picture on the right - it's lacrymal sack time.).

Anyways... I'll try to catch some sleep... Laters

Competition time!


I won't lose many words, I'll just post the important Links:

- Compatathon Forum
- Graphicmania I Registration
- Battle of tha Kingz #1 Registration

Thanks to: Danny, Crystal & Kim, without you this couldn't happen.

Competition time - 1 day...


The Compatathon Registration is just one day away. I'm looking forward to it cause it sure was a lot of work but I guess the most work is just about to come. We'll see if it's successful or just a completely fucked up project. I hope I can get enough people to sign up for this. The Rap Battle is just a fun thing, so you can't lose. It's just a game. Just give it a try. Well, you gotta have some skills for the Graphic-Competition thought.

Anyways... just think about it, the Registration starts tomorrow here.

Competition time - 2 days...


A bit about the competitions has changed today.
#1 Danny and I thought about a subsuming Name for the competitions and came up with Compatathon which combines the 2 words Combat and Marathon.
#2 The Compatathon won't take place on my forum Halls of Illusions but I created a whole new forum for it. You can find it here.

And here are the banners for the single Competitions:

Battle of tha Kingz

Graphicmania I



So, I just started playing Lemmings again. It's a classic game, I just love it! But I'm stuck at one level (look at the pic on the left site). Can anyone help me please?

Oh btw, you should all try to get this game. It's so great, even tho it's pretty old - it's from 1995.

There is a new Lemmings game coming out for PlayStation2 and PlayStationPortable. I'll probably get it for my PSP.

Competition time - 3 days...


On Monday, March 20th, 2006, you can start registering for the Graphic Competition and the Rap Battle on my Forum Halls of Illusions.


Battle of tha Kingz
The Battle of tha Kingz is a Rap Battle inspired by the Rap Battles on, it's the first time that a Rap Battle Contest comes to the Invisionsforums in this kind of way.
Here are the rules:

§1 Everyone can sign up.*
§2 Every battle has 2 rounds. That means, one contender starts with the battle. The other one replies to the first one. And then the first contender can put in his 2nd rap and the 2nd contender can reply one more time.
§3 One rap has to be 16 lines/verses. Not more, not less.
§4 Please don't reply in a thread when you're not taking part in that battle.**
§5 Do not post your thoughts in a battle thread. The admins will open threads to discuss the current battles.**
§6 Do not start drama. This is a rap battle and even if someone disses you in a current battle, it doesn't mean that this person actually dislikes you.
§7 No personal attacks, that means don't say things about dead family members or other family members.
§8 When a battle is over (check rule §2 to know when a battle is over), an admin will start a poll to ascertain a winner.
§9 Don't start threads in this forum. If you want to start a thread, ask an admin.

*= If you're already banned on the Halls of Illusions Forum, you can't take part.
**= Admins can and will delete pointless replies.

Thanks to: Danny for helping me with the rules.


Graphicmania is a Graphiccompetition. The rules are not set yet because I'm trying to surprise the Competitors with it. I'll post the Rules on my Forum in this thread when they're set.


Thanks to: Danny, Kim & Crystal for helping me with all this.

Downloading Music


Well hello again, seemed to have a problem today but now it's working again. And that's a good thing cause I wanted to post all day. I really love my blog... don't ask why, in fact I don't know cause I was never into this stuff before.
Oh and btw if you do have a blog and don't play BlogShares yet, start now. It's really fun, I'm starting to really like it. You can find a Link to it on the right Site, on the 'Diverse' Links.

What I wanted to talk about is Downloading. What do you download your music with? I use BitTorrent (Picture on the right side) to download whole Albums and LimeWire (Picture on the left side) to download single Songs. Do you prefer other programs? If so, which programs do you use? I didn't really know which programs to download, so I asked my father who's using BitTorrent and who thinks that this program is all that and some more. I'm not that enthused about it but I guess it's alright for downloading Albums fast, even tho the choices aren't too big. The BitTorrent Database isn't that big and that's annoying cause I always have to look on other Torrent Sites for downloads. That's why I downloaded LimeWire, cause I thought the Database might be a bit bigger cause it's a ShareProgram like KaZaA used to be. And I can't complain yet. I found everything I wanted to find yet. So tell me, what are you downloading with? I'm really interested in it cause if there are better programs available than BitTorrent and LimeWire and it's not as Storage-consuming as eMule, then I might give it a try.

Server Problems?


The Severs seem to be pretty slow today, I posted my latest post about an hour ago and it still didn't show up.

Where are you, post?

Anyways... Laters, rock on


Always remember


That Convo actually seriously happened between me and Allison on MSN some days ago. I was bored so I turned it into a little comic inspired by Stephen of Acid Zen Wonder Pain - You can find a link to that in the previous post.

Acid Zen Wonder Paint


Check this out, this is amazing. So fucking hilarious, I've been laughing my ass off for the last 2 hours.

"One time I had to pee so bad that I sneezed, and pee shot out and hit the kid in the bus seat in front of me. This whole scenario wouldn't be too remarkable, except that the kid died."

Lyrics - 'Scar'


I felt like writing some lyrics and well this is what I came up with:

Sitting alone in the darkness
Playing around with the sharp things
Shlashing thru flesh while I'm in pain
But it's not cause of the slitting
Do you really think you know what's pain
Have you ever been certified insane
Have you ever felt there's nothing to gain
No of course not because you have a name

But I'm nameless, I'm shameless
I'm fucked in the head but not harmless
I'm a mistake in the system
I was born to rage against 'em

I hate people, I hate love
I hate everything from above
I hate ignorance, I hate you
I hate every single thing about you
I hate hatred, I hate happiness
I hate this fuckin' apple's sappiness
I want everything to rot, to rot and die
I'm sick of being - always the fall guy

Chorus: [2 Times]
But I'm nameless, I'm shameless
I'm fucked in the head but not harmless
I'm a mistake in the system
I was born to rage against 'em

I'm sick of all this bullshit
I think I'm just going to slit my wrists
But in the end - I know I won't
Because I'm stronger than you if I don't
I am better than you by far
And everything that will be left is a scar



I'm not a big Fan of MySpace, it's just a Blog with an included Guestbook and Friends page, isn't it? Well I can't be bothered getting an account on that thing but I must admit, I like the fact that the newest Songs of some great Bands are available on there and it's even legal. Good shit. So I'd like to tell you 3 Bands you just have to check out on MySpace:

Children of Bodom

I just love Children of Bodom, it's a great Melodic Death Metal Band. I proudly own all of their Albums. On their MySpace 3 Songs are available. 'In your Face', 'Are you dead yet' and 'If you want peace... prepare for war' from their latest Release 'Are you dead yet?'. If you like Metal, you'll love Children of Bodom!


Hatebreed is just the best Hardcore Band ever. On their MySpace are also 3 Songs available. The new Single 'To The Treshold' of their upcoming Album, 'Bound to Violence' of 'The Rise of Brutality' and 'Servered 2005 Version'.

Black Light Burns

Black Lights Burns is the new Band of Ex-LimpBizkit Guitarist Wes Borland. In my opinion it sounds a lot like Nine Inch Nails, especially the Vocals, and well... I like it. It sounds new and I'm looking forward to the upcoming Album. There are 4 Clips on their MySpace, 'The Mark', 'Animal', 'I have a need' and 'Cruel Melody'. Just listen to it, it's not metal but it's really good.

Big Poppa Pump, Freakzilla, Sir Pump a lot, Big bad booty Daddy or just simply Scott Steiner (Real Name: Scott Rechsteiner) has joined TNA Wrestling. At the last PPV he attacked Sting and now it seems like he's joining TNA full-time. Let's hope his Back doesn't get in his way.
I always was a big Scott Steiner Fan. He was my favorite in World Championship Wrestling and I loved his feuds against Goldberg and Booker T. Let's not forget that he was an awesome Tag Team Wrestler with his brother Rick Steiner and with Buff Bagwell. Scott Steiner is a multible WCW World Heavyweight Champion, WCW US Heavyweight Champion, WCW TV Champion and WCW Tag Team Champion. He is a true WCW Legend. When he came to WWE to feud against Triple H, I hoped he could be a Main Event Wrestler for a long time but injuries and false decisions of the WWE Management killed that dream. When he was feuding against HHH, I think everybody saw that he still has the Charisma of the Genetic Freak. He deserves to be on top of a promotion and I hope that will be his place at TNA.

Another WCW Legend who is romoured to come to TNA is Bill Goldberg. The fomer WCW US Heavyweight, WCW World Heavyweight and WWE World Heavyweight Champion Bill Goldberg. I hope he will join TNA aswell and speartackle some TNA Wrestlers, like Jeff Jarrett (oh he so deserves it).

So at the moment TNA are hiring Ex-WCW/WWE/ECW Wrestlers to get some attention. They got my fully attention from now on cause of Steiner and it would be even better if Goldberg signed with TNA.
The Monday Night Wars are over. World Championship Wrestling is dead and so is Extreme Championship Wrestling but TNA is the next big thing. Watch out Vince McMahon, a new opponent has entered the Ring.

CD Review Part I


Alright well, I thought I could post some CD Reviews, I wrote, on this blog. The following Review is a Review I posted on my forum on March 6th, 2006. So it's not new, I just had to change the BB Code to HTML and now it's all done. And now here it is:

Alien Ant Farm
Album ANThology

01. Courage

7/10 - I like the Guitarriff, it's an interesting song. The Chorus is good and it doesn't get boring.

02. Movies
9/10 - Best song on the album, in my opinion. This song is basically the reason why I downloaded the album.

03. Flesh And Bone
1.5/10 - It starts boring and that's the way the whole song goes on.

04. Whisper
2/10 - I liked the beginning of the song, it started with a good hard Guitarriff but it turned out that the chorus is weak and it gets boring after listening to the song for too long.

05. Summer
4/10 - I think this is an OK-Song. I don't mind it but I wouldn't listen to it on my own.

06. Sticks And Stones
5/10 - I think the Bass and the Drums completely destroy this song. The Guitarriff is pretty interesting and I actually like the singing on that song but the Drums make it sound annoying and the Basslines are boring, too simple. I'll give it a 5 just simply for the Vocals and Guitarriff.

07. Attitude
8/10 - I really like this song. The beginning is great and the verses are even better. I love the Guitarwork. The drums, the bass, the guitar and the vocals harmonize perfect and the Chorus is an earworm.

08. Stranded
4/10 - Promisingly beginning but all in all disappointing.

09. Wish
8.5/10 - Great song. Great Guitarriff, great vocals, great bassline, great drumparts. It's my 2nd fav. song on this album. I think this song is also on some Tony Hawk Game.

10. Calico
0/10 - The vocals are just plain annoying. The instrumental is boring. I don't like this song at all. Doesn't get me at any point of the song.

11. Happy Death Day
7/10 - This is a pretty slow song but I like it. It lets you just close your eyes and listen. The verses are great and the chorus is good, too.

12. Smooth Criminal
8/10 - This is just a fun song. I think everyone knows this band just because of this song but I think it's a pretty good song. There are so many crappy coverversions of old songs out there but this one is great. They make it sound like they really respect the original version of Michael Jackson, they don't change too much on the song but they give it their own touch.

13. Universe
6/10 - This is a pretty depressing song. The Guitarriff is really depressing and the vocals don't help much. I don't like the chorus that much but I think the verses are great and the song becomes better and better till the end.


All in all
70/130 - I wouldn't buy the album but I think it was worth downloading it, just for the songs 'Courage', 'Movies', 'Attitude', 'Wish', 'Happy Death Day' and 'Smooth Criminal'.



I don't really know how this works yet. It's a game called BlogShares. I signed my forum up to it and well... we'll see if it's fun or not. There is a Pic which says "Listed | BLOGSHARES" at the bottom of this post. Check it out now and then, maybe something will change about the Link it directs you to. Just give it a try, it's just a game. I'm giving it a try aswell and as most of you know, I don't have a good temper, I'm impatience as no other and I get annoyed with stuff pretty fast. So I'll probably be the one who quits this first and if I don't, you'll know that it rules.

Listed on BlogShares

Another day has come


It's Tuesday and you know what I just noticed? I gotta do a test tomorrow, lovely. That means today is learning day, even tho I seriously can't be fucked getting out the books. Anyways...

Smoking is bad, mmkay
Yeah, it seriously is. I just burned my fingers. What if my fingers were made of paper? I would be on fire now! So yeah, I know smoking is bad and all but I still smoke. You know why? No? I don't know why either. I just do cause I can.

So what could I write about today? I'm listening to "Tool - Parabola", amazing song with an amazing Intro song called "Parabol". I got into Tool about a week ago. I was bored and didn't know what to download but I wanted new music to listen to, so I downloaded "Tool - Lateralus". 1 day later, I downloaded "Opiate" and "Ænema" and now about 2 days ago I also downloaded "Undertow", they're all worth a download, even tho I'm not a big fan of "Opiate" but the others are worth listening to anytime. My fav. Tool Song is "Hooker with a Penis" from "Ænema".

Anyways... I should start learning a bit. I probably won't but yeah, that's life. I'm lazy.

Laters, Motherfacko's!

Duisburg - The city where nightmares come true


Germany... Nordrhein Westfalen... Duisburg... damn this piece of shit is my hometown. Duisburg Walsum to be exact. We have the highest crimerate in germany and it's full of foreigners, nazis, stupid little hiphop kids and idiots like me. You want to know how fucked up this city is? Go Google searching pics for your hometown and then search for pics of 'Duisburg', on page one you'll find 2 pics of a dead dog.

Here's the Google Search for 'Duisburg'

Well Walsum is the part of town I live in, now go and Google search for pics of 'Walsum', first page you'll see a picture of a dead body.

Here's the Google Search for 'Walsum'

Now isn't this beautiful? But nonetheless, I love living here. The people are rude, just like me. The city is ugly and dirty, just the way I like it. The only thing I don't like about it is that it's pretty dangerous now and then. Say one wrong word and BANG you've got a fist where your teeth should be. Oh and there's a part of this town called Marxloh - I go to college near that - where permanently people start fights and even shoot each others. Yeah, we've had a week once were 6 people got killed over there in one week and that part of town is just about 15 minutes away, lovely.
I guess I'm not really recruiting new people to live over here now but to be honest, there are pretty beautiful corners over here, too. I will add some links to 3 pictures of Duisburg at the end of this post. I would add them as pictures but I haven't figured out how to do so yet. I'll have to ask Shaz to help me, she's an angel.

Some people online (especially the ones from america - not all of them tho, of course) still think in a Nazi kind of way about german people. It's sad how some people roar NAZI when I say that I'm german. Would I have american, british, canadian and australian friends if I was a nazi? Would I talk english, a bit spanish, a bit polish and a bit french if I was a nazi? Do those people even know what a nazi is? I guess not. I think most of that retards confound Nazis with members of the Ku-Klux-Klan, but anyways I'm neither a nazi nor a member of the KKK.
I am proud to be german, is that a bad thing? Does that make me a nazi? I don't think so. I love this country, many ingeniously people were german, e.g. Albert Einstein, Friedrich Nietzsche, Siegmund Freud, Johann Wolfgang von Goethe and Friedrich Schiller. But when some people think of Germany or famous Germans, the first thing that pops into their minds is Hitler. He wasn't even german, he was austrian so give me a break.

Anyways I think I posted enough for today and now for the ones who really care about this, here are the links to the pictures of Duisburg:

Landschaftspark Nord

Duisburger Stadtmauer

Industriepark Meiderich

There you go. I'm out, thanks for reading. Laters

So I added some more links. I think, I haven't forgot anything important and if I have, just tell me on MSN or on my forum or on here or whereever else you get to talk to me.

So what am I doing right now? I'm chatting to Crystal and Danny and they're both boring... I'm kidding, I'm bored tho. I'm listening to "Debauchery - Blood for the Bloodgod", great german Death Metal Band from Stuttgart. I saw them live when they supported Six Feet Under last December. I heard many people say that they're a simple SFU Rip-off but I don't think so. Yes, it's "Slow Motion Death Metal" or "Death'n'Roll" and SFU are the Kings in that category but does that mean every Slo-Mo-Death-Metal Band is a SFU Rip-off? I don't think so. Debauchery combine sick gore, Grindcore-like, Lyrics with their own weird humor. I think Six Feet Under are better but nonetheless I enjoy listening to the few Debauchery Songs I have. Now that this post is ready to get released, I'm listening to "Debauchery - Kill Maim Burn".
If you want to check out Debauchery, go to their Website here.

So this is it


Looks good? I don't know yet. Maybe I'll add a banner or something later, I seriously can't be fucked working so much on this Blog yet cause the Forum is enough work for me.
Oh btw if you haven't seen my forum yet, there is a link on the right side of this thing. It's called Halls of Illusions. You better post there when you see this! So yeah, I'll add some more links sooner or later, I guess the most important links are already up there. If you feel ignored cause your forum/website/board/blog, or whatever else, is not up there: Fuck you, I don't care. Have patience with me, I'm lazy.

So what could I talk about? Maybe I'll start with introducing myself to the people who don't really know me.
My name is Guido S********** (fuck that, I won't post my real last name), I'm 19 years old, I'm single (watch out girls) and well I have been thru a lot of bullshit yet but I won't get into this too much. Maybe on a later date.
I come online for about 3 years now, I think. Might be 4 but I don't really know cause my memory is crappy. I first went to this WWE Wrestlemania Website, just to listen to the new LimpBizkit Song (Crack Addict - Official Theme Song for Wrestlemania 19) and I was looking thru the site and went to chat. The infamous WWE chat. I met a lot of great people and a lot of two-faced bitches. Just like in real life. But nowadays I'm still friends with some of the good old days, like Shaz, Chaz, Crystal & Zack (just to name some). The progress of WWE chat popularity is easy: You become more popular = you have to get a Gamers board, so I did. I met a lot of great people there aswell, like Danny, Shane, Tricia, DG & Alice (again, just to name some). When gamers all of the sudden died and going to chat was just annoying some people opened new forums, invisionsforums. The most famous of this forums is probably Stashup, which belongs to Shane & Tricia. Well I went there for a long time and I still go there but I have my own forum now, so I have enough to reply to. After Gamers died I also met some people who I'm really good friends with now, like Kim for example.
And here I am now, writing my blog. It's interesting and I like to write, I just don't know if I can always find the time to keep this baby updated. We'll see, I guess.

That's it for now. Laters

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